Drita Haziraj

Drita Haziraj
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Here I am!!! I’m an Eastern European radio and TV journalist. I host my own TV show, run my own charity and marketing agency… I’m new in the real estate field but I have 20 years of experience in public relations.

I’m proud and excited to begin my real estate career with the best agency in the field!!!

I came from a war-torn country to the great land of opportunity…

Let’s build the American dream.

If you’re looking for you first home, improvement, bigger more living space, or opportunities for real estate investment, Chase Real Estate and I will gladly provide you with the best options for your specific needs.

Give me a call, text me or send an email: Please tell me what you’re looking for… and I’ll find it for You!!!

I speak Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian… and I understand spoken Albanian.

– Drita Haziraj
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