Phu Nguyen

Phu Nguyen
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Phu Nguyen is an enthusiastic and driven professional that genuinely loves working with people and solving problems in any situation. 

He jumped into the Real Estate industry in 2009 by building relationships and investing in fix flip and rental properties. He has gained valuable experience and knowledge in the investment process having invested in multiple single-family and residential mulit-unit buildings. He also gained an MBA in Project Management while serving the US Navy as an Avionics technician and Construction builder for 12 years. Outside of the love for his wife and children, he has found his true passion in life… and that is helping others and investing in Real Estate. 

He has a track record for effective performance in many challenging environments from working on multiple Aircraft Carriers overseas and managing troops in Afghanistan to overseeing various investment/construction projects and assisting others through the investment evolution. 

Through his many experiences and lessons learned, one thing is clearly evident. He loves challenges, building relationships, and Driving Results. 

Come see if Phu Nguyen can help you drive the results that you are looking for with your Real Estate goals.

– Phu Nguyen


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